Ready for a proven lead strategy to help meet your
affiliate marketing goals?
You got the tools to make the affiliate marketing engine run. Your systems are in place.  
But still stalled on your way to easy money street?!?
You’ll get….
  •  Three video walk throughs showing: how I got started with one low cost affiliate offer that snowballed, how I network in groups WITHOUT breaking the rules to get qualified leads, and how I layer offers to clients to maximize income and affiliate offer sign ups
  •  Two Google spreadsheets: one is a lead tracking spreadsheet to ensure that no one ever slips through the cracks along with a training video to guarantee you're using it to your best advantage, and one is an important links spreadsheet to organize all your affiliate offers in one place so they are handy while writing blog posts and networking
  •  A PDF download of 100+ quality affiliate offers that you can sign up for today and start earning with your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and potential clients
I’ve been running a business since 2012 with my primary source of income being affiliate income. I’ve been wanting to expand in a big way but have been overwhelmed and confused about HOW to do so. Then I met April… You know when you get that magical feeling? The one that gives you goosebumps? Yeah, that’s what happened on my call with April! 

In one hour, April helped me map out an ENTIRE affiliate structure which will bring me FIVE new streams of income, layering it all together beautifully! Her brain is freaking amazing and she is definitely not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty with you (which is sooooo rare in a coach!).

Not only is working with April incredible, the Affiliate Marketing for Beginner’s Course she shared with me opened my eyes to a whole NEW way of earning affiliate income – as in, things I’ve never even thought to try! I went over the course materials twice and things started to “click”. One day, I was typing up a new blog post and I had an Aha moment! All of a sudden, the things I learned made sense. TONS of ideas about how I could branch off of this ONE blog post to bring in yet ANOTHER source of affiliate income came flooding into my mind!

That’s the thing about April… sure, she’ll sit there and help you catch fish, but she’ll also TEACH you how to catch those fish YOURSELF. With utter sincerity, I feel that, if you are looking to expand your affiliate income, April is your girl!

I’ve spent over $60K on sub-par business education from “gurus”. April is different. She’s the real deal and gives a lot of value. Absolutely worth the investment! Plus she’s SUPER ethical and plain ole’ fun to work with!

April Lewis is an Affiliate Marketing Consultant helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with strategy that creates recurring passive income. April transformed her business by taking her monthly affiliate income from zero to 4K in just under 9 months. Now she helps coach students do the same and more with on-target strategy and customized affiliate marketing plans. Learn more at