Want the Secret Sauce to An Affiliate Marketing Strategy that Sells?
I'm April Lewis, Affiliate Mastermind Coach, and I'm inviting you to join me for my NEW online course that shows you how to see hidden money everywhere.
I'm going to help you rock the biggest pain point in establishing an amazing passive income stream

by giving you all the tools and confidence to make the sales...

so you can have the CHOICE of freedom in your daily life...

WITHOUT sounding like a sleazy salesperson!
Opportunities for affiliate marketing are EVERYWHERE...
  • Your shampoo
  •  Vitamins & supplements
  •  Clothes delivery services  
  •  Green drinks 
  •  Tech gadgets  
  •  Digital marketing tools 
  •  Food delivery services 
  •  Books on Amazon 
  •  Even this course and the platform on which it was built 
Companies LOVE trustworthy affiliate marketers who actually use their products and are willing to spread the good news to colleagues and clients alike.
Most companies reimburse affiliates with HUGE payouts and even help you with parts of your content & promotional materials!
I’m talking about companies like ClickFunnels and ConvertKit, which provide valuable ongoing services and helpful resources like Facebook Lives, recorded workshops, and swipe files.
If you can create a piece of content sharing your personal, positive experience using an affiliate product to share with your readers...

YOU have the ability to earn much MORE than you currently make. 

I wrote just one post that transitioned my business. It helped bring my affiliate income from $0 to $4K in only 9 months.

Now I've created an income safety net that pays out every month. And I can promote and add to the content with only a few hours each month.  I've helped my coaching students profit from affiliate marketing...

And talked to many more …

And NOW I'm sharing the SAME steps and content I use in my exclusive private coaching with you in my new course designed to make you profit ...
I'm revealing the affiliate content marketing strategy that’s already making hundreds and thousands of dollars for my clients.
In this comprehensive course, you’re going to get the knowledge you need to put a profitable affiliate sales funnel into place right away.  
You'll know what to do at every step along the way... from person-to-person networking and paid traffic like Facebook ads all the way to your content upgrade and email sequence .
You’ll have a plan to carry you through an entire year of affiliate content marketing. You'll have all the tools and expertise to make one for the next year... and the next... so you can continue to grow your income without limits.
Inspiration for a mindset transformation that destroys barriers to selling - we’re going to bust through fear and bad stereotypes.
Guidance for choosing the right products to promote - so affiliate sales feels like a natural extension of what you already do!
And you'll get guides, videos, checklists, templates, and personal help to get you started writing and selling right away.
April’s affiliate earnings shot up from 0-$4k in just under 9 months .
Jessica went from making $10k/month to hitting $16k/month after six consulting sessions.
Discover the strategy that
my business with affiliate income.

Choose 3 core offers and discover how to prioritize your content for the greatest profits.

Find out why good affiliate marketing is NOT sleazy selling -
so you can enjoy doing it with pride.
Open your mind to just how easy
it is to monetize your life and business.

“It got me over the hump and fear to start." - Ruth
Blast through mindset issues
and stop holding yourself back from the income you deserve.

Empower yourself to sell without fear, and avoid the spam-bots by
being YOU.

Learn the secrets of friendly social networking
and share your expertise in a way that pays.

Understand affiliate marketing and passive income, even if you don’t consider yourself digitally savvy.
Have effective tools for creating your own content plan, put it to work for you right away, and let it
keep working
while you move to the next project - then do it again and again ...
Learn about the best paid & non-paid traffic and what pitfalls to avoid.

Hint: almost everyone makes this one big mistake.

Take a peek at my winning sequence
and put your sales funnel in place right away with the templates I've made just for you! 

Need a content upgrade?

Take a look at my freebie and get inspiration so you can create your own irresistible offer that unlocks the door to profits.
There is absolutely NO risk to you. I am certain these courses will help you create a profitable, more passive income stream.  To that end, I am offering a FULL guarantee.

If after 30 days of purchasing this course, you use all the tools and videos, and STILL feel like you have not gained valuable help or insights, just let me know, and you'll receive a FULL 100% refund.

MINUS EARLY BIRD Beta testing (Good ONLY until July 14): $70 - Thank You!
Your FINAL price: $97
Why are we giving you such a ridiculously low price? Because it’s our brand new BETA version! After each main module, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple 2-3 minute survey ...
We will use your comments to guide changes and additions to Affiliate Copy Made Easy. We truly want to make writing this copy as easy as possible for you, and we need your help to do that. You might even go so far as to say we’re obsessed with your success. Then YOU will have continued access to all the additions and improvements we ever make!
There is absolutely NO risk to you. We are so certain the tools we are offering will help you in your affiliate content writing, we are offering a FULL guarantee.
If after 30 days of purchasing the course you use all our tools and videos and STILL feel like you have not gained valuable help or insights from the course, just let us know, and we will give you a FULL 100% refund.


Ask questions, access new training, get the latest course news, network, and support your fellow affiliate marketers.

Value: $199
You’ll have a complete how-to guide for outlining an entire year’s worth of profitable blog content for all your affiliate offers and a swipe file that gives a finished example you can model.
Value: $499
Ready-to-use email templates

Use two email swipe files to get all your sequences up and running without delay.

Value: $249
(Good ONLY until July 14): $70 - Thank You!
Your FINAL price: $97
Remember: This is our first Beta offer. Because of the high value we’re giving and continuing to develop, this price WILL go up soon!
  • Maybe you’ve dreamed of the freedom that earning recurring affiliate income could bring.
  • Maybe you can envision new commissions dripping into your brick and mortar bank or PayPal account every month ... but there’s something stopping you. 
  • Will you keep dreaming about it? That’s what almost everyone does. 
  • Or will you take action right now and make this happen? 

Look at what people are saying about my one-hour workshop:
  • “[The workshop] helped me to decide to just write and I felt so much relief to know it's okay to use templates and that we were going to be getting templates. Your live feedback on my questions helped me to realize that it's possible to design a way to get referral fees for high-ticket masterminds.”
  • “It was overall helpful. Great work!”
  • “The workshop went above and beyond my expectations!”
  • “Amazing content! Def. over-delivered. I learned so much!”
  • “LOVED the webinar, really. Can't wait for the rest of the class“
  •  “Spot on. Well Done.”
  • “It got my brain going a million miles an hour with ideas on how to make this possible”
So you can create ALL the affiliate funnels you want
for ANY kind of product you use and love!
I know you can do this ...
  •  Even if you have no idea where to start 
  •  Even if you detest sales 
  •  Even if the thought of advertising makes you want to run 
  •  Even if you’ve never written a blog post in your life 
  •  Even if you don’t have a product in mind right now 
Right Now, you have only a few days to get access to our Expanded Course -
at our one-time-only Early BIRD BETA Price
Because of the high value we’re giving and continuing to develop, this number WILL go up soon!
MINUS EARLY BIRD Beta testing (Good ONLY until July 14): $70 - Thank You!
Your price: $97
  • Good sales means helping people ...
  • And I’m guessing you do that already.
  • You can continue to do that the way you always have …
  • You could help even MORE people while GROWING your business in a way that gives you more time to work on your favorite projects, more time to connect with friends and family, and a financial safety net crafted from abundant streams of income.
  • I'm going to help you get started.
  • The people you help will THANK you. 
  • And you can celebrate new connections and the thrill of seeing those affiliate commissions pop into your bank account over and over again! 
  • Affiliate Strategy Made Easy Value: $597
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April's Content Creation Plan

Value: $499
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Private Facebook Group Membership

Value: $199
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April's Email Template and Swipe File

Value: $249
Total Value: $1,544
Remember, there is absolutely NO risk to you. I am certain the tools offered will help you create a profitable, more passive income stream. If not, you'll get a refund.
Because of the high value we’re giving and continuing to develop, this number WILL go up soon!
MINUS EARLY BIRD Beta testing (Good ONLY until July 14): $70 - Thank You!
Your price: $97
About April
April Lewis is a Digital and Affiliate Marketing Consultant helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with strategy that creates recurring passive income. April transformed her business, taking her monthly affiliate income from zero to $4K in just under 9 months. Now she helps coach students do that and more with on-target strategy and customized marketing plans. Learn more at www.aprildlewis.com.
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