Ready for a proven lead strategy to help meet your
affiliate marketing goals?

You got the tools to make the affiliate marketing engine run. Your systems are in place.  
But still stalled on your way to easy money street?!?
You’ll get….
  •  Three video walk trainings showing: how I got started, how I network in groups, and how I layer offers to clients
  •  Two Google spreadsheets: one is a lead tracking spreadsheet, and one is an important links spreadsheet to organize all your affiliate links
  •  A PDF download of 100+ quality affiliate offers that you can sign up for today and start earning more passive income

April Lewis is an Affiliate Marketing Consultant helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with strategy that creates recurring passive income. April transformed her business by taking her monthly affiliate income from zero to 4K in just under 9 months. Now she helps coach students do the same and more with on-target strategy and customized affiliate marketing plans. Learn more at